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Teachers will take attendance in PowerSchool at the start of each instructional block, recording which students are present/tardy/absent for the day. Students are expected to be present and participate in each class at the correct time, following the school’s daily schedule. When absent, students will be able to access the Canvas page associated with each class to avoid falling behind.
School personnel shall not release a student during the school day to any person not authorized by the student's parent/guardian to assume responsibility for the student. Students shall be released only by request and authorization of the parent or guardian listed in PowerSchool. The requesting party must provide legal documentation in order to receive the student. A formal check-out system shall be maintained in each Orange County Public School when a parent or guardian requests an early dismissal.
Students who are being dismissed early must receive a pass from the attendance office prior to checking out. Students expecting to be picked up should remain in class until they are called. Leaving school grounds without prior approval or properly checking out with the attendance office will result in disciplinary action. 
1st Block Tardies: 
From 7:25-7:40, students should go to the tardy table to receive a tardy slip from an Administrator.
After 7:40, students should check in with the attendance clerk to receive a tardy pass to class.
Students arriving 30 minutes late to school will be considered absent for the block. 
2nd-4th Block Tardies: 
Students who are more than 10 minutes late to class, without a pass, are considered skipping.
Students arriving to class without a pass after the tardy bell will be assigned a tardy unexcused.

View the Division's Attendance Policies Below: