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Need help finding a book? Stop by and talk to a librarian. They LOVE to talk books and while they both read books in all the sections, certain ones have special places in their hearts. Mrs. Koehler loves to geek out about fantasy, supernatural, and romance while Mrs. Porter loves historial, realistic, and mystery fiction. They'll both talk your ear off about graphic novels and non-fiction.

Other Awesome Ways to Find Your Next Book

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Come Explore the Library!

The fiction is organized by genre like a book store! Explore: supernatural, fantasy, relationships, sports, science, realistic, mystery, historical, and horror fiction. 

The graphics are seperated into Graphic Manga, Graphic Novels, Graphic Superheros, and Graphic Comics. 

The bay area houses children's books, creative writing (poetry, drama, speeches), and world languages. 

Learn something new in Non-Fiction. We have everything from fairytales and cookbooks to fishing and outdoor survival.