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ESL Coordinator
Erin Rafferty
ELL Teacher


ELL Tutor
Carla Hortas

Orange County High School proudly serves close to 90 multilingual learners who speak English as a second language.  The District currently has 264 students who are predominantly Spanish speakers, and other languages represented in the county include: Arabic, Tagalog, Chinese (Mandarin,) Ukranian, and more.  To achieve mastery of academic English, our diverse learners are supported in a collaborative responsibility model including the English language teacher, the classroom teacher, all appropriate staff, their parents, and the multilingual learner themselves.  We serve in a variety of ways, including pull-out ESOL class, ESOL tutoring, push-in classes, teacher collaboration, and more.  Funding for ESOL support comes from Title III of the Civil Rights Act federal resources.  The program's ultimate goal is to provide equitable educational access for English learners.  OCHS proudly welcomes the unique cultural and linguistic attributes that multilingual learners and their families add to our learning community.